Navigating The Discussion Forum

When you log into a discussion forum on the left you will see a set of menu buttons, when clicking on one of the buttons it will take you to a different section.

discussion menu


Clicking on the Messages tab allows you to see an overview of the messages for the current forum. From there, you may read messages, reply to messages, or create a new message. Depending on a forum’s settings, you may need to log in before you may view its messages.

message menu option


search menu option

Depending on the settings of the discussion forum the search feature can be used to search for stored messages that have been archived.


My Account

my account menu option

The “My Account” button allows you to go in and update your account information. If you are not logged in, clicking on your “My Account” tab will prompt you to do so.

Under the “Essential” tab you can update your email address and your name. You can also choose your membership type and the language that you prefer.

essentials tab

The “Advanced” tab allows you to update your password and set how you would like to see your postings.

my account

My Forums

my forums

The “My Forums” tab will display which forums you have subscribed to. You can unsubscribe from any of the  lists in the my forums window by clicking on unsubscribe.

my forums

All Forums

all forums

The All Forums page shows you all forums on the server. If there are multiple sites on a server, All Forums will only show you the lists for the sites in which you are a member. If you are not logged in, it will show you all the forums for the site you logged into, or for the default site, if you did not specify a particular forum when you accessed the discussion forum interface.



The “About” will show you information about each forum, including the name and email address of the administrator.

about information



The “Help” button will take you to the online manual that Lyris ListManager™ provides.

lyris help manual for discusson forums