Message Rejection Rules

In Lyris ListManager™ there are message rules that you can set that for controlling how your messages can be sent and delivered.

When logged in to ListManager™ go to Utilities: List Settings: Discussion Group Features. The first tab is “Blanks”. Here you can set to allow or not allow blank subject. You can also set to allow blank body or not allow blank body.

message rejection rules

In the tab for “Same Message Rules,” you can set if you allow duplicate postings or cross-postings for your mailings.

same message rule

In the tab for “Etiquette,” you can set the “Max quoting Allowed” This option limits the number of continuously quoted lines in a message. The default, 0, allows unlimited quoting. The “Daily message limit” defines the total number of messages that can be distributed to the mailing list in one day. For “Message size limit” Defines the maximum size of messages that may be contributed to your mailing lists. Some list members may try to send a large attachment to a mailing list. This sets the size that is allowed. The “Max posts per member” places a limit on the number of posts that a single member is allowed to send to this mailing list in a one-day period.