How To Download Member Segments

In Lyris ListManager™ you can download a list of your members that are associated with a mailing segment. When logged in go to “Members-View Members”.

view members menu option

In the “View Members screen, a list will display showing you all the members on your list. In the top right section of this screen click “Find Members”.

find members button

In the “Find Members” screen, click the “Segments” tab. Use the drop-down menu to find a particular segment, then click the “Go” button on the lower right.

segments tab

On the “View Members,” it will display a list of emails associated with the current segment. To download the member list click on the Excel icon.

xcel spreadsheet button

Once you click on the Excel icon you will be taken to a screen showing you the file name and how the data will be saved to your computer. Click “Save” on the lower right to save your member segment.

save button

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