Mailing Campaigns

Lyris ListManager™ lets you group related mailings together in campaigns.

You may then later view delivery and tracking information for the campaign by going to the “Reports” tab.

Creating a Campaign

In the left navigation bar, click Mailings: Campaigns.

mailing campaigns

In the window for “Mailings Campaigns” on the top right click “Create New Campaign”.

create new content

In the “New Campaign” window enter a Campaign Name and Campaign Description. You can then click save with no mailings or assign a mailing(s) to it from the “Available Mailings” window and move it to the “Chosen Mailings” window.

choose mailings

If you have chosen to save the campaign without choosing any mailings you can go to Mailings “New Mailing: Tracking” and later create a mailing campaign by choosing previously created content and do a “Save and Test” like you would do on a regular mailing.

select campaign