Lyris ListManager™ v.12

What’s New in ListManager™ v. 12 (Lyris LM™)

ListManager™ v. 12 offers the following:

New Visual Design:

Lyris ListManager™ has received a fresh new look with the introduction of Lyris ListManager™ v.12. Released this November, users of LM 12 will experience program enhancements which include:

  1. A new progressive contemporary feel
  2. Enhanced way to access Lyris ListManager’s™ email
  3. Digital marketing automation capabilities

Domain Connection Limits Enhancements

Lyris ListManager™ v.12 allows list owners to manage their relationships with receiving ISP’s by having flexibly control both proactive and reactive, by throttling their mail sends. They can (among other things)

  1. Configure the number of messages sent per hour
  2. Define retry timing
  3. Deploy other best practices to improve deliverability
  4. Allow customers to set the throttling rules for a specific IP against a domain/domain set or MX , which can be utilized until the reputation of the IP has been established
  5. Download an ISP block from the deliverability report into a CSV file to help diagnose any sending issues.

Image Library Update

Images can be stored directly in the database and included as part of a Message

Image Library Update

Images can be stored directly in the database and included as part of a Message

Significant Updates

  1. Member Add Enhancements
  2. Upgrade of TCL interpreter
  3. Upgrade to newer version of WYSIWYG Editor
  4. The WYSIWYG Editor bundled with Lyris™ LM has been updated
  5. Additional help with sending issues with other ISP
  6. Discover the best time to send messages using the split tests: use this feature to test the performance of a message sent in the morning verses in the evening.

And Lyris ListManager™ v. 12 continues to offer:

  1. Easy Content Creation
  2. Powerful Campaign Capabilities
  3. Optimized Administrative Efficiency
  4. Seamless Integration with Enterprise Connectors
  5. Comprehensive Reporting and Tracking Better Deliverability
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