ListManager™ v. 11.1b

What’s New in ListManager™ v. 11.1b (Lyris LM™)

ListManager™ v. 11.1b offers the following:

Test Mail Enhancement:

You now have the option to display additional information on the test-mailing screen. This information includes the following:

  • Segments used in the mailing
  • Segment query and criteria
  • Number of members meeting the segment criteria
  • Number of members meeting the segment criteria
  • A view link which opens a pop-up displaying the member and the member’s demographic information

Improved Pause Mailing handling

When you click the Pause button:

  • Messages that are not yet being sent will not be sent
  • The response to the pause request is significantly faster
  • The database cleanup occurs in the background is no longer blocks other activities

Error Mail Enhancement:

Error Mail regular expressions can now reside in a customer-configurable text file named InitRegex.txt.