Lyris ListManager™ Managed Services

Dundee Internet Lyris ListManager™ Managed Services-Do more with less expense

Managed services that offers on call, in-house or remote support backed by 23+ years of Lyris ListManager™ expertise

Receive premium support services for a premium product
Pay as you go – subscription based

Solutions designed to address your unique Lyris ListManager™ server requirements

Lyris ListManager™ server requires resources to run properly. Besides bandwidth and licensing fees there is the expense of your in-house personal to oversee the operation of the Lyris ListManager™ Server. You will agree the server does not require constant attention but when updates are available, are you ready to install, or does time constraints and finances delay installation for weeks or months? Are you always aware of new feature sets, configurations and tweaks? Is your overall email deliverability statistics lower than expected? Are you working with mail streams and feedback loops, or are you putting those off until another time? Do you really know the capability of your software?

Who are Dundee Internet Lyris ListManager™ Managed Services for?

Small or medium sized businesses or specific industry segments who need outside expertise to respond quickly to Lyris ListManager™ server issues including implementation of upgrades and address configuration topics as needed. We offer on-going server management, monitoring and maintenance of your in-house Lyris ListManager™ server and related database server.

We Offer the Following!

Dundee Internet Lyris ListManager™ Managed Services will:

  • Improve your deliverability

  • Decrease your error issues

  • Improve your up-time

  • Reduce your headcount

  • Enhance your Lyris Security

  • Simplify Operations

  • Lower IT Costs

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Dundee Internet Services is a full featured experienced Email Service Provider.

Dundee Internet Lyris ListManager™ Managed Services offers:

  • 24/7 Server Monitoring
  • Lyris ListManager™ application installation
  • Lyris ListManager™ install upgrades
  • Lyris ListManager™ configuration
  • Mail Stream implementation
  • Database administration and management for MSSQL and MSDE nomenclature
  • Troubleshooting and error translation and correction
  • Feedback loops
  • Best Practices
  • Server Co-location available
  • Lyris ListManager™ expertise at your fingertips on a pay as you go basis.