ListManager™ v. 11

What’s New in ListManager™ v. 11 (Lyris LM™)

New in v.11

ListManager 11 – The latest Lyris ListManager™ update integrates new features and colorful visual displays for enhanced campaign planning and powerful tracking with more reporting capabilities.

ListManager v. 11 offers the following:

1. The New Marketing Calendar includes drag and drop, for managing emails, events and reporting while providing time-based
overviews of marketing activities to reveal periods of heightened activity. The Marketing Calendar improves access to mailing reports
to enable marketing teams to track events and dates of importance. In addition, users can:

  • Schedule or un-schedule mailings by dragging them to a date on the Calendar.
  • Have quick access to essential information about mailings and events with a simple “mouse- over” on a mailing to see the name of the mailing, subject line and status or view an event to see its description and recurrence frequency and end date.
  • Navigate to exact mailings within a month, week or day.
  • Edit any scheduled or unscheduled mailing with a click of the mouse.
  • View a time-based record of past marketing activities.
  • Click any sent mailing for that mailings overview report.

2. A New HeatMap tool to visually review email Campaigns. Make a quick assessment of your email content: Was it a success?
Easily identify specific links in an email that drove the most traffic. Evaluate the effectiveness of your Campaign content through
callouts that directly overlay email content. In addition, users can:

  • Use a color-coded visual display to see relative clickthrough rates for each link.
  • Easily determine within an email message, which calls to action and link placement are most effective and use this information when creating future messages.
  • Receive information in relation to email message design issues, for example, the most clicked link in an ecommerce message targets support rather than the pitched product’s landing page.

3. Web Analytic Integration. Web Analytic expanded integration includes Google Analytics, WebTrends, CoreMetrics, Omniture,
ClickTracks and other custom analytic programs. Now marketers can monitor customer behavior from end-to-end; from email
engagement through conversion on a website. This new functionality provides a better way to assess email marketing ROI–
through actual conversions and revenues. In addition, users can:

  • Track end-to-end behavior of their customers and prospects – from the receipt of an email message, to click-through to a landing page on the website, to conversion (or non-conversion), and all visited web pages.
  • Use this powerful tool to view the recipients response to specific email messages including the actions they take on the web site. For example, for follow up campaigns, you can now target the most potentially valuable recipients with calls to action that are most relevant for each recipient’s

4. Fresh HTML Editor: ListManager 11 has upgraded its HTML editor for improved usability and greater visual appeal. Create content
in Microsoft Word, paste directly and cleanly into Lyris ListManager messages. Additionally, email campaign merge tags have been
added in a drop-down selector for “one-click” message insertion.