ListManager™ v. 10

What’s New in ListManager™ v. 10 (Lyris LM™)

Major New Features: MailStreams, MailStream Optimization, Smart Bounce, Processing, Dynamic Block Reaction, Improved Feedback loops, Detects and avoids ISP firewall blocks, Security features

  • Dynamic Block Reaction the system dynamically adjusts connection limitation properties in real-time based on response codes from the ISP. It will also track the historical connection behavior for optimal number of connections for each ISP.
  • Offers the ability to send your campaign in parallel over multiple IP addresses – to protect your inbox-delivery rates.
  • MailStream Optimization feature gives you unprecedented control over how you mail to your most important subscribers, by letting you associate different subscriber segments to different mailstreams.
  • The MailStream Optimization feature does not require scripting or IT support. It’s so easy, for marketers to fly solo.
  • Smart bounce processing weeds out invalid email addresses … and saves legitimate ones.
  • Lyris ListManager™ 10 stops ISP red flagging by removing invalid email addresses from your list immediately.
  • ListManager™ 10.0 uses nine distinct bounce categories. This helps stop good email addresses from bouncing because someone’s on an extended vacation or their mailbox remains full for too many days.
  • Lyris ListManager™ 10.0.automatically monitors and responds to changes in ISP “connection settings so these changes can keep your mail flowing smoothly.
  • Lyris ListManager™ 10.0.Handles spam complaints automatically. If you have signed up for various ISPs’ feedback loops, Lyris ListManager™ 10.0 automatically processes the spam-complaint data you receive from the ISPs and promptly removes these subscribers from your lists. You can even view a report that shows which members and which mailings are generating spam complaints.
  • Improved Feedback loops: Added Hotmail feedback loop support, now tracks by member id and which mailing they complained about.
  • Detects and avoids ISP firewall blocks: System realizes it won’t make progress and stops attempting mailings.
  • Removed 200 connection limit for incoming emails
  • Updated FCK editor for support of Safari and Opera
  • Revamped Complaint handling
  • Removed support for Postgres & Solaris
  • New DB library (OLEdb): More tolerant of network issues, can be configured for automatic database fail-over, and allows for larger data sizes.