ListManager™ v. 10.2c

What’s New in ListManager™ v. 10.2c (Lyris LM™)

New in v.10.2c

Lyris LyrisManager™ has added the ability for a List and Site Administrator to create segments under Create Segment.

Changes in Lyris ListManger™ v10.2c:

  • Rewrite Tcp_Connection_Receiver::doSmtpSessions
  • Reduced mailQ lyrActiveRecips querying
  • Add GUI setting for suppressing error responses
  • DAO changes for 10.2c
  • Remove code that interacts with the obsolete lyrMemberTracking table
  • Blocked mailstream retries is too frequent under certain blocked conditions.
  • Bad query plan when a Site Admin with access to multiple lists and sites logs in and changes the list or clicks
  • Relabel View Members Delete All in this View button
  • Improved API Example – SendMessage
  • Improved “Deleting archived messages” process
  • Improved “Delete done mail” process
  • Handle backscatter (spoofing of email sender)