ListManager™ v. 10.2b

What’s New in ListManager™ v. 10.2b (Lyris LM™)

New in v.10.2b

Sending out social network links has become an Internet standard. With Lyris ListManager™ v.10.2b, not only are you keeping your list subscribers informed with the latest news of your choice they can also receive the benefit of your social network link. With v.10.2b include one or more links to a social network site in your email. Additionally, if a recipient receives your email and wishes to share it with their network (for example, their “friends” on Facebook), they can click the appropriate link, go to the site, and share the email.

The method of sharing social network links varies and how it is done depends on the site. For example, for Facebook, after a recipient clicks the Facebook link, they are asked to log in, and then they have the option to share the message with their friends or post it on their wall. In LinkedIn, they can share the message with friends. In Twitter, they can post it as a tweet on their profile.

Available Social Web Options:

  • Facebook
  • Delicious
  • Twitter
  • Newsvine
  • Reddit
  • Stumbleupon
  • Diigo
  • Google
  • Linkedin
  • Mixx
  • Buzz
  • Myspace

Including social web links in your email is a two-step process:

  1. Create the links and associated description as content.
  2. Add the content to your mailing.


You can choose to add the code for the social web link manually rather than use ListManager’s™ more automated method. The instructions for this are found below in the section titled “Inserting Social Web Tags Manually.”

In order to use social web links, you must have archiving turned on. It is usually turned on by default; however, if it is turned off, when you attempt to insert social web links you will see a warning sign telling you to turn it on. Here are the steps to turn it on:

  1. In the side navigation bar, click Utilities.
  2. Choose List Settings > Basic Information.
  3. Click the Enable Features tab.
  4. For Archive Messages, select Yes, save and archive messages sent on this mailing list.

Step 1: Create the Links and Associated Description as Content

  1. In the side navigation bar, click Content.
  2. Click New Content.
  3. Click the HTML Message tab.
  4. Click the Insert URL button.
  5. Click the Social Web tab.
  6. The Description field contains default text that instructs the email recipient to click on a link. You can change this text.
  7. Select or clear the various social web options. To include all options, select All.
  8. Click the Insert button. The text and icon(s) you chose appear in the HTML Message tab.
  9. Make any further changes you want, and then click the Save button.

Step 2: Add the Content to Your Mailing.

  1. Create a new mailing, or edit an existing mailing.
  2. On the page where you edit the HTML for the message, click the Import Content button.
  3. Choose the content that contains the social web tags.

Inserting Social Web Tags Manually

  1. In the side navigation bar, click Content.
  2. Click New Content.
  3. Click the HTML Message tab.
  4. In the location, you want the social web tag, type

%%share_social %%

For example, for Facebook, you would type:

%%share_social facebook%%
This creates a merge tag.

You can also add a tag that implements tracking for the social networking feature.

%%track [share_social ]%%

For example, for Facebook, you would type:

%%track [share_social facebook]%%