ListManager™ v. 10.2

What’s New in ListManager™ v. 10.2 (Lyris LM™)

What’s new in ListManager™ v. 10.2

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)

Improve email campaign performance, build your online reputation and maintain trust with Internet Service Providers using DomainKeys Identified Mail. DKIM authentication technology has been added to Lyris ListManager™ as a standard feature, available at no extra cost. Now you can benefit from email authentication advancements without engaging the support of your IT department.

Additional DKIM sub-features in ListManager™ v.10.2 include:

  • Multiple domain set-up authentication for each email campaign
  • Easy generation and validation of configuration allows you to generate and confirm DKIM is set up properly within the ListManager™ interface.
  • Auto population of “From” domains used by previous mailings improves your efficiency and ensures you are authenticating the domains that you use in your email campaigns.

What is DomainKeys?

By attaching a digital signature to outgoing email messages, DomainKeys tracks a message back to the sender’s domain name and verifies that it’s legitimate; it also confirms that no one has altered the message content.

How does it protect your sender reputation?

ISPs value DKIM in determining whether messages are valid, spam or forged messages that need to be discarded. ISPs can exempt DKIM signed/authenticated messages from spoof detecting filters. This increases the speed of delivery of your email messages, providing easier access to recipient inboxes, which improves overall campaign performance.

More Deliverability Controls

  • View at-a-glance deliverability results for recent mailings right on the home page, and easily drill down if you see any results that concern you.
  • Re-organized Mail Overview Report provides more delivery information upfront for quick insight into campaign results, and the ability to drill down on delivery results for specific email addresses.