Sales and Marketing Email List Hosting

Who are these services for?

Sales and Marketing EMail List services are beneficial to the retailer web site owner and web marketer who need the power and perception to run a successful sales campaign with ability to track actual sales and purchases.

Using the power of Lyris Enterprise™, is ideally suited for the non-technical user who wants to take advantage of the power of mailing list technology, without having to become mailing list experts themselves.

The benefits of using sales and marking specific list hosting:

We Offer the Following!

Dundee Diamond is an established dynamic Sales and Marketing Solution; the email service with more intelligence that brings in more sales from your customer database.

The features of sales and marketing specific list hosting:

  • Triggered mailings: Send automatic emails at exactly the right time: database-driven email alerts, birthday greetings, policy renewal reminders, and more.
  • Sequential mailings: Send a series of carefully timed mailings for maximum results, such as a multi-part email course.
  • Purchase tracking: Monitor online purchases resulting from your email campaigns, recording and storing all relevant data.
  • Sales-related reports: Track your sales results in attractive charts, bar graphs, and line graphs.
  • Easy sales integration: Link sales data with your CRM or e-commerce system. In addition to information about a purchase, you can store product SKU numbers, order IDs, customer IDs, or customer demographic information. You can even record offline purchases in List Manager.
  • Offline events tracking: Track telephone sales, in-person seminar registrations, press mentions, or any other kinds of offline events that are important to your business.
  • Customer interest analysis: Track how much interest list members show in your mailings, Web site, and product/service offerings. See which mailings or list generate the most interest and optimize your efforts to keep customers coming back.
  • Sales cycle analysis: Use “interest tags” to determine exactly where all of your list members are in the sales cycle. See which customers visit your most important pages and target them as “hot leads” ready for personal sales calls.
  • Web traffic analysis: Discover when and how often list members visit your Web site, identify which pages are most popular, and see how member demographics affect your site traffic.
  • Shopping cart abandonment tracking:   Use interest stage tags to see which pages cause the greatest drop off. Identify list members who have abandoned the shopping process and send them follow up messages or promotions to encourage them to buy.
  • Over 200 reports: You can also create and save your own custom reports.
  • Regency and frequency limits: Prevent over mailing and maintain positive list member relations by automatically limiting the number of messages you send, and how often members receive them.
  • Automated member update: Trigger permanent changes to a member’s record when he/she visits certain pages on your Web site. Use member profiles to allow list members to change their settings, interests, or subscriptions without the intervention of an administrator.
  • Granular permissions: Allow or deny list administrators access to sections of the ListManager™ interface. This is a URL-based permission system, so user access may be customized page by page; for example, you can grant certain administrators the right to create content but not send mailings, etc.