Key Information For Email Marketers

Your monthly profit analysis may project the overall health of your business at year end. It really doesn’t tell you what you are doing right or doing wrong.

The best way to find out about your company’s successes and failures:  turn to those who use your product or service, your customers.  Don’t rely on Social Media, some people may love your product, but their mother doesn’t, so they give you a negative review to keep the peace.  Does that really happen – you never know.  Send email surveys, the perfect way to allow your customers to give the feedback you need.  Allow them to remain anonymous and post their answers online to a specific URL or let them tell you who they are when they submit their answers by email.  Either way here’s the top 5 reasons you should include a survey in your email marketing program.

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  1. Customer/member feedback: Looking for overall satisfaction, or why your customers visited your site only to abandon their shopping carts. A survey will allow you to ask those burning questions you really want to know.
  2. Measure Morale: Is your audience satisfied with the direction your company is moving? Or are they frustrated with your customer service? Use surveys as a tool, not just to find out the good, but also what your company can do to boost your consumer’s morale. Happy customers will pay off in REPEAT business.
  3. Surveys as Testimonials: When using a survey, it is important to leave a comment section. This section can be used to elaborate on an ongoing issue or to praise your company for its strengths. In turn, you can use these comments as a testimonial for prospective clients.  It may be just what you need to convert a prospective client into an active one.
  4. Fine-tune Pricing: There are many nuances on how to determine your pricing. However, this is the perfect venue to ask your customer what range of prices they may be willing to pay for your services. This may help your business stay competitively priced, may even help your future sales campaigns.
  5. Become Proactive: Once the data has been collected you can use this information to make changes within your company and to set goals for the upcoming year. For example, if your survey reflects that the customer wait times on support calls are too long, then a reasonable goal for the next year might be to hire more customer support to decrease wait times.

Adding a survey to your email campaigns can provide you with key information that can be used to make your customers happy, and in return result in repeat business. Just a little bit of effort to add a survey to your marketing can yield large returns.

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