*It’s* never too late to share tips for Holiday Email Campaigns

  1. Always follow “Email Best Practices”.
  2. Be cognizant of your “Sender’s Reputation”.  A sender reputation is composed of many marketing layers. It answers questions such as who are you (i.e. A well know Brand of Hot Dogs), what are you known for (i.e. Great tasting all Beef Hot Dogs) and your email delivery character. (Are you a spammer?).   A sender’s reputation is your reputation. Do not share it or slight it by using (for example) purchased lists, as they may contain Spam Traps and other reputation killers.
  3. Along with email marketing, you need to think through your Social Media and Mobile marketing strategies; how they work together, because, they too, play a big part in the marketing mix.
  4. Include a link in your mailings to a subscriber preference and profile page.  You want your subscribers to add or change their email address when necessary and it’s useful to know how often they want to hear from you.  Make it a goal to know your subscribers.  Use that knowledge to send personal triggered email, made to order just for them.
  5. Test, implement, track and engage – harness the lifecycle of email using simple strategies to deliver the right message at the right time.
  6. Warmly welcome your new subscribers; never overlook the opportunity to start building a positive relationship.
  7. Use Subject lines that matter.
  8. With email marketing, build your own brand awareness and support a more earnest relationship with your email subscribers coupled with Facebook, Pinterest,  and blogs.
  9. Do a creative audit of your current email templates.  Are your customers having a positive experience with your messages?
  10. Evaluate triggered messaging.

Revel with extended multi-channel deals.  Continue to grow your mailing lists for future promotions and branding campaigns with all the available marketing channels; your web site to phone-in mail orders.  Traditional sales, such as in store live retail, may not be able to glean as much information about a current customer.  During and after the holiday’s target those with email only specials, print out coupons and free shipping.

Plan your after the Holidays email campaigning now, it’s a New Year and so much potential.



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