Why use Dundee Internet discussion list hosing instead of Facebook, Twitter, Google Groups and other social media channels?

Dundee Internet discussion list hosting:

  1. No one needs to remember to go to a webpage and search for the conversations

    Search For Me

    Search For Me

  2. Members can make comments and contributions that are truly private
  3. Posts are not parsed and severed up as ads (like Google and Yahoo Groups)
  4. Contents are not stored on 1000’s search engines
  5. The List owner will have better control over who see posts
  6. Our system prevents Spammers from posting
  7. Users can read and reply to posts at their leisure
  8. List members can have searchable web archives
  9. Personal information is safe, as we do not sell membership data
  10. There are no popups
  11. We never track email messages to see if they are opened
  12. Copyright claims on your messages

“I like the personal touch that Dundee Internet Services list hosting gives me over social media.”
Sam, Maritime Advocate

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