Is using AI-driven email marketing smart?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing in popularity among forward-thinking companies that are looking to create more effective email strategies. The use of AI-driven machines empowers them to “act” like humans by understanding complex data sets in order to make decisions autonomously. With this ability, some suggest Artificial Intelligence will replace the digital/email marketer, as it has done so in other applications.

robot AI data sets are used in many applications, such as robotics, autonomous vehicles, medical diagnosis systems, and financial trading platforms. In addition, AI machine learning, data analytics, and automation are all playing a major role in the digital marketing field. These tools, just like the human email marketer, can create more targeted campaigns that reach the right audience at the right time for maximum results.

With AI, a marketer can simplify the email process of content creation, and writing subject lines, to better inbox delivery. Essentially, higher performing metrics, with the added benefit of staying ahead of trends in email campaign marketing.

Email campaign performance based on AI-driven algorithms includes making predictions and recommendations. These processes can allow for unprecedented personalization and segmentation at every stage of the customer’s journey. In fact, the use of Artificial Intelligence in this capacity will reduce costs and save marketers time.

For example: restructuring your email campaigns with AI-powered tools can help you get the most out of your marketing efforts. By leveraging historical data, these tools can break down a single campaign into hundreds of sub-campaigns and then structure them to maximize inbox delivery by sending more targeted emails. The marketer will be able to reach more people with relevant content that resonates with each recipient, better than ever before. Additionally, this approach is fast and takes fewer resources as it automates many of the processes for the marketer while still delivering powerful results.

This may sound great, but like everything else, AI-driven technology for email has its downsides too.

  1. AI algorithms used in email marketing campaigns can be a great asset to businesses, allowing them to personalize emails and target specific audiences. However, it is important for marketers not to rely solely on these algorithms. They are still imperfect and may lead to inaccurate results or ineffective strategies. Errors in algorithms can be extremely costly and damaging. Mistakes left undetected can lead to wasted time, money, and resources. The end result is many unsubscribes from your member list, as errors can leave a negative perception of your company.
  2. artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence has made great headway in terms of imitating human connections and patterns of communication. However, it does not always create compelling content. It is limited by its inability to understand the distinctions and intricacies of human language. It does not express emotion. It lacks the capacity for creative thinking or problem-solving that humans naturally possess. To execute a successful email campaign, it may be necessary for email marketers to think on their feet. This means using certain human behaviors such as intuition, adaptability, flexibility, imagination, and quick-wittedness. All the traits an AI lacks.
  3. AI-driven campaigns fire off responses and results at lightning speed. Some people may find such emails overwhelming or intrusive. Even when email recipients demand more personalization, customization, and accuracy, they still need that one-on-one interaction with someone who can relate to them: an actual person on the other side of that email. AI-driven email marketing campaigns are here to stay and are transforming the way we communicate with our customers.

    It is best practice for marketers who use AI-driven solutions as part of their overall email strategy, to supplement those campaigns with manual efforts, i.e., A/B testing.  AI-driven email campaigns require someone to regularly check for errors, accuracy, and efficiency. This is necessary to maintain a good relationship with your email list members.

Ultimately, there’s no substitute for genuine human interaction; it’s an essential part of life that won’t go away any time soon!