The Lyris ListManager™ Interface

Everything you can do with Lyris ListManager™, you can do with your web browser using its extensive web interface.

When you first log into your list you will see a Lyris ListManager™ portal similar to the one shown.

  1. Current list displayed, logout option, language.
  2.  Interface navigation options.
  3.  Email status: normally green indicating mail sending is normal. Maybe red which will indicate a problem with the current mailing. Click on the red to learn more.
  4.  Create a new mailing button.
  5. Displays recent mailings for the current selected list. You can view mailings from a prior period by selecting Show and the desired mailing to view from the drop down box.
  6. Shortcut Bar with links to commonly performed tasks. These selections vary according to your administrative permissions.
  7. Displays preview of the current mailing selected.
  8. Mailing statistics:
    a. Unsubscribes
    b. Number of forwards recorded (for this mailing?)
    c. Referrals
    d. Unique Opens
    e. Total Clicks
    f.  Unique Clicks
    g. Transactions
    h. Conversions
    i.  Where mail sent (location of recipients