Improve your Email Marketing Growth in 3 quick steps.

Improve your Email Marketing Growth in 3 quick steps.

From inbox to inbox, sound simple until you sit down and create an email campaign

To start an email campaign, you’ll find this could be a simple process or unbelievably complicated, especially when you add many moving parts to the equation.  And size doesn’t matter. Your team could be small and totally unorganized or large with many layers both streamlined and efficient

In either case, the goal is getting out an email campaign in the most effective way.  

Develop your plan It should include

  • to do post-itA record of actions taken
  • What resources are needed
  • The goals of the mailing
  • Expected ROI

Along with:


  • Who sets the deadlines?
  • electronicsHow do measure success (i.e. email opens)?
  • Who will receive this campaign, who is your audience?
  • Are you using a template or creating a custom design?
  • Will there be a landing page?
  • Should the list be segmented
  • Is there defined team members with specific responsibilities i.e. template creation, content, a/b testing, images, artwork, social media…and so forth.
  • what is the timeline, and are there contingencies if things change?
  • Social media connection?
  • Is there a follow up to this campaign, if so when and to whom


graph reportingDecide how to keep track of the emails sent including the date, time, results, opens, invalids, unsubscribes.  

            Spread Sheet
           Project Management software

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