Content Import

If you have already created some content that is saved from a previous mailing and would like to use it again with some editing you can use the import content option.

Click on “Mailings -New Mailing”.

new mailing
When the new mailing window is open, go to the lower right and click on the “Import Content” button.
import content

Once you click on the import content button you will be taken to a new window showing you your previous mailings. Find the one that you want to use to import the content and on the right click on “Select”.

Once you click on “Select” your previous content will then be imported into your new mailing. You can now edit it and save to send a mailing.
new mailing message

If you would only like to send this content to “New” subscribers, click on the “Recipients” tab and select the option “Purge from-Mailings”. This will send the content to only members that did not receive this previously.

choose mailing

Then select from the list of mailings on the left. This should be the same mailing content that you imported and move it over to the right.

select or remove