Image Library

To add from your Image Library:

To access your image library click on the “Content” tab and then click on “Image Library”.

image library menu option

Adding Images:

You can begin adding your images by clicking on the button “Include Remote Image” You may also create folders to hold and organize your images.

Before adding your images you will need to make sure you have your images uploaded to a folder on your website or a photo storage place like “Photobucket ( ) or
Flickr ( )

include remote images

Once you have clicked on the include image button you will get a new window that will allow you to put in the URL path to your image.

remote image urls

In the screen shot below you can see that some folders were created. By clicking on a folders name will display the image(s) in that folder.

image menu

To add an image to your newsletter, go to the “HTML Message” tab and click on the small icon for images.

image button

You will get another window. Click on the “Browse Server” button.

browse server

Your image library will open. Find the image you would like to use and click on the image.

select image from library

You will be taken back to your image properties box. Now click OK.

ok button

Your image will now be inserted into your newsletter content.