How to turn those email campaign inbox lows into inbox highs

The goal of every email marketer starts at the inbox.  The intended recipient receives your email message, they open it, follow the Call-for-Action cues and then, forwards the message to a friend.  When it’s perfect, it’s an inbox high: when the message doesn’t even reach the first step, it’s an inbox low.

Email highs and lows are expected in this industry, and obviously the more inbox highs the better.

To get an inbox high, your email marketing message must be delivered to the recipient as intended.  At times that can be a challenge, especially if you’re sending email campaigns from your own client such as Outlook.  Therefore, the first recommendation: send your campaigns through an ESPs (Email Service Providers) as they embrace the specific email  protocols so customers email campaigns can overcome inbox lows. 

These protocols identify the email sender, to the computer receiving the email, that distributes the message to the recipient.

These protocols include:

  • Sender Policy Framework – SPF is an older protocol to authenticate email, designed to stop forged emails, but not designed to stop SPAM. It’s all about stopping a potential forger from sending emails on your behalf. It identifies a domain (the last part of an email address, like as a legitimate mail source from the sender and blocks unauthorized domains from getting through.
  • inboxDomain Keys (DKIM).   DKIM is another email authentication process, that can reveal a forged sender’s email address. Essentially is verifies the sender’s domain.
  • DMARC is another email authentication method designed to protect ones domain from unauthorized use.
  • Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI), new on the scene is also a way to authenticate email using logos or brand indicators  in email.

The protocols listed above, contribute to email authentication.  When in place they prevent forged emails and play a part in reducing the amount of SPAM received. When you add them to your sending reputation. and the use of good content the probability of an inbox high increases.

Keep those inbox highs by:

Sending relevant content akin to the welcome letter sent to your recipients when they joined your list and

AND don’t forget to ask your ESP for help, we love it when you get in box highs.

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