How to Organize Your remote Employees

Working alone from home, day after day takes discipline.  Granted you can get up and move when you want to, make something to eat or munch all day,  let the dog out, wash the dishes, even sneak in some TV time.
On the working side, you may find yourself reading more emails than normal and spending valuable time sorting through email conversations to find the one you need to answer.

You still have deadlines and then there are the online meetings you have to get dressed for. 

To make life easier, from the email side, suggest to your employer or if you are the employer, set up a Discussion List (also known as Group Email).  Keep all email conversations in order and searchable for all the participants. Don’t carry on work conversations on Facebook or messenger, as finding one subject is difficult, not private, and the platforms themselves leads to distraction

Electronic Discussion lists have been around for a long time, over 20 years and it has all that time until now to develop into a great collaboration platform.

Companies, nonprofits, and government agencies use discussion lists to improve communication and establish internal workgroups. Both these types of mailing lists are perfect for subscribers to exchange their knowledge, offer feedback, and foster teamwork among remotely dispersed members.   

Discussion Lists can be monitored by the list owner or administrator or allow free open (spontaneous) discussions without moderation. They are also instrumental for:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Technical support discussions
  • Planning sessions
  • Professional Networking

Sign up for a Discussion List by Dundee Internet. We offer searchable archives (as your messages can be saved for later viewing), a web interface for email posting, cross-posting, digests, and more.

  1. Enjoy organized email conversations that let the reader reply to the right thread
  2. Bring together to share ideas, interest and easily exchange information
  3. Mange information flow as information is quickly distributed
  4. Create a cost-effective way to provide customer support and strengthen customer relationships
  5. Discussion lists are shown to increase employee production