How to Bring in More Sales Using E-mail Marketing

How to Bring In More Sales  From Your Customer Database  With Permission-Based Email Marketing Campaigns

Everyone knows it is always easier to sell to your existing customers than to your potential customers. However, existing customer relationships may not automatically translate into increased sales without effective regular communications, i.e. constant contact, between you and your customers. Dundee Internet Services knows how to build ongoing relationships with your customers that will help you pull in the orders.   Here’s how:

  1. Use the most effective customizable and analytical program available.
  2.  Apply ethical and sound marketing principles to ensure the greatest success of your email marketing campaigns.
  3.  Connect with your customers to make them feel valued.
  4. Always ask for an email address and permission to send them email.
  5.  Publish your privacy policy to assure your customers that you are not selling their data to third parties.
  6.  Respond to their questions and inquiries–acknowledge each person’s importance to you.
  7.  Follow up with more information.
  8.  Grab their interest with rich, high quality content.

Newsletters: Build trust and credibility with newsletters that are professionally written and formatted in a consistent, recognizable style.
Promotional specials and coupons: Designed to maximize the impact of your newsletter sales messages.

Landing pages: Designed and managed to complete more sales.
Learn more about what’s important to your customers. Knowing details about your customer will give your customized sales messages greater Impact. We can create offers specific to your customer, based on their buying history and profiles.

Methods to gather these details include:

  1. Create a member profile page for your customers so they can continually provide useful information about themselves.
  2.  Use survey’s to understand their buying decisions.
  3.  Use mail merge to customized one-on-one marketing.
  4.  Pay immediate attention to your customers’ needs.

Automated mailings can be triggered by specific user actions, so your customers can receive personalized messages when:

  1. They subscribe to your mailing list
  2. They purchase a product
  3. They abandon a shopping cart: What happened? Can we offer you something to complete the order?
  4.  They click on a link within your newsletter
  5.  Is it is time for a re-purchase reminder (with or without a coupon incentive)

AND what about testing, tracking and timing? Dundee Internet Services, Inc uses the most effective customizable and analytical programs available, applying sound marketing principles to ensure the greatest success of your full scale email sales and marketing campaign.

  1. How effective are your sales messages? We can find out … then fine tune!
  2.  How many people are opening your messages?
  3.  How many people click on the offers?
  4.  How many people forward your messages to a friend?
  5.  Which offers resulted in a purchase?
  6.  What time of day/day of the week results in the most sales?
  7.  A/B testing: does Offer ‘A’ or Offer ‘B’ perform better?

Enlist Dundee Internet Services to handle it all!  Results delivered from one to millions!
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