How to be an Effective Email Marketer with call-to-action


When they click on that link where will it take them? – To your homepage?

Linking subscribers to your homepage may not be as effective as you would like: once there, the subscriber is faced with choices that may distract him from your main goal.  You may want him to click on the “Sales” link, but he clicks the “About” link instead: as there are so many more menu items to choose from.

The goal of your email: create a subscriber who is attentive on the one task that brought them there from your email. You want their focused attention.

How do you get a subscriber’s undivided attention?  –   Use a Landing Page:

To decide between a webpage or a landing page consider the difference between the two. Web pages are often large with many pages, links, with many call-to-actions; conversely, landing pages are normally one page and may have one call-to-action.

Landing pages are often clear, brief with a defined call-to-action.  These pages often show up on a google search.  When designing for a google option a typical Google search layout is shown here:

  1. This section is for paid search advertisements: such as Google adwords
  2.  This is also a paid search result: These are shopping advertisement.
  3.  Featured Google Pages
  4.  Organic Search Pages

Because a landing page ranks high on google search, they are often one of the first items that the google search engine will display. By the way, studies have shown that landing pages with as few as one link increases the conversion rate with paid advertisements.

In summary Landing Pages:

  1. Maintain continuity between your email message and the response your list member will take from your call-to-action by:
  2. Connect the message to the page, both in colors, style, and offer.
  3. Make it simple to read and understand, uncrowded by graphics and verbiage
  4. Allow you to expound on the offer and encourage visitor action with a free demo (for example)
  5. Keep them focused on one point, one action.

Email and specialized campaign landing pages go hand in hand.  If you need assistance with your landing page and ListManager.  Just drop us a note and we’ll be happy to assist.

How to be an Effective Email Marketer with call-to-action