What's this about my FROM: @aol address?

What’s this about my FROM: @aol address?

Dear Dundee Internet,

What’s “uncategorized failure” all about? My posts– or, it seems, posts from anyone else using AOL–aren’t appearing in my inbox and weren’t yesterday. What’s up?

Thanks for your assistance,
Mr. Edwards


Dear Mr. Edwards,

It appears that AOL has followed Yahoo’s lead and has implemented a DMARC p=reject policy.  This breaks all mailing lists worldwide for anyone using a yahoo.com, and now aol.com, From: addresses.

AOL, recommends changing the list parameters like this:

“For mailing lists, also known as listservs, we recommend configuring reply behavior to fill the From line with the mailing lists address rather than the sender’s and put the actual user / sender address into the Reply-To: line. …”

Dundee Internet Support.

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