Glossary Terms for Lyris ListManager™ users

Mailing List Services Glossary

Mailing List Glossary

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Web Analytic Providers
Lyris ListManager™ currently offers web analytic integration with:Google Anayltics™Web Trends™CoreMetrics™Omniture ®ClickTracks™ and Custom Applications

Web Analytics Integration
Outside web applications tracked by Lyris ListManager™ for certain behaviors of web site visitors; for example from the time they receive a message to clickthough to a landing page to conversion-non conversion. In addition Lyris ListManager™ will follow and report which web pages were visited and determine if the visit was triggered by a specific message or email campaign.

Web Form
Lyris ListManager™ allows the creation of various types of forms, including Subscribe Forms, Unsubscribe Forms, Member Profile Forms, Survey Forms, and Referral Forms. In addition, templates for these forms can be created and saved for later use.

Welcome Letter
An email normally sent to a new subscriber at signup that allows you to begin direct, personal communication with your subscriber.

An approved list of senders who following certain guidelines that keep their email from being automatically filtered as spam.