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Tar Pitting
The practice of purposely slowing down email transmissions from reaching the mail server, typically done by delaying incoming connections for as long as possible.

For email newsletters, normally pre-designed forms defining a certain size and in some cases color and font, where a template user would only need to fill in their content and image. Templates can be saved for repetitive use, items can be added or deleted as needed.

Thank You Page
A web page that displays a thank you for their subscription, membership, survey response etc.

The act of controlling the bandwidth and speed of email messages.

see Success Tracking

Tracking Summary
Tracking statistics that tell you how many people have opened your message, clicked on a tracked URL, or who have gone from one of your mailings through, to other pages on your Web site.

Transactional Emails
Emails sent in reaction to a transaction, such as a purchase. For example, after a web site visitor makes a purchase they automatically receive a confirmation email with their order information.

Transient Failure
The destination mailbox is temporarily unavailable (usually because it is full or mail server does not respond). Also know as a soft bounce.

The clause identifies the event that causes the mailing to be sent.

Trigger Clauses
A phrase in an email that may specify a given date or event, that when occurs, will cause a mailing to be automatically sent.

Triggered Event
When creating a triggered segment: the occurrence of an event that triggers the mailing to be run. You can create an event that occurs once or a recurring.

Triggered Mailings
A mailing to be sent when a particular trigger event occurs; can be associated with a particular segment or with a particular automated message.

Triggered Segments
A segment that contains one or more trigger clauses. These clauses identify a specific event or date that happens when the mailing is to be sent.