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Mailing List Glossary

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Sales Cycle Map
A display of an arrangement of key charts and reports based on the normal flow of the sales cycle. These are arranged into Awareness Reports, Interest Reports, and Action Reports.

Sanity Checks
The process of validating submitted email addresses by reading (looking) at the format. i.e. ( instead of

Scheduled Tasks
ListManager™ performs certain tasks, such as sending out digests or cleaning the database of old posts automatically or at preset times.

A language which can be used to customize message content.

Secure Newsgroup
An online discussion group that allows interaction through electronic bulletin board system (see Usenet) and chat.

Portions, or fragments of lists, whose members are based on some characteristic or criteria that each member must meet in order for that member to be included in the segment. See Triggered Segments

Segmentation Management
The tools in Lyris ListManager™ that allow a list owner and/or administrator to create, copy, save, delete, test, edit and filter segments with simple and advanced built-in segment options.

Sender Reputation
A measure of how an email sender using metrics such as Spam complaints, bounces, IP History and email volume, effects email deliverability.

Sequential Mailing Wizard
A tool that allows someone to quickly create an entire sequence of mailings.

Sequential Mailings
A series of triggered mailings sent out in sequence, at predetermined time intervals, to each member who qualifies.

Server Performance
Information about how ListManager™ is running.

Single Opted-in
A user has subscribed for a newsletter or other email marketing messages by clearly requesting it and confirming their subscription.

Site Administrator
Someone who may administer all lists on a particular site; i.e. create new lists for that site.

ListManager™ allows administrators to access and manipulate the database tables using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). SOAP provides a way to communicate between applications running on different operating systems, with different technologies and programming languages. SOAP is a key element of Microsoft's .NET architecture for future Internet application development. SOAP provides a higher-level interface to database information so that no knowledge of database query protocols is required.

Social Media Integration
Incorporation of one or more links to a social network site in your email. If a recipient receives your email and wishes to share it with their network (for example, their "friends" on Facebook), they can click the appropriate link, go to the site, and share the email.

Social Web
see Social Media Integration

Soft Bounces
Email that has bounced back to the sender, undelivered after it has been accepted by the recipient’s mail server. This is usually a short-term condition with an expectation of clearing up in the future. However, it is good practice to monitor soft bounces and remove them from your list when they bounce a certain number of times in a row.See Transient Failures

Spam Trap
A valid email address, used specifically to trap unsolicited email or spammers.

SPF (Sender Policy Framework)
An email validation method designed to stop SPAM by verifying the senders IP address.

Split Test Mailings Wizard:
The ability to send different versions of a message to random subsets of your mailing list, and then compare the results to see which version is most effective. This type of testing eliminates any demographic or action-based bias that could alter your results.

Success % Chart
A visual representation of the last 19 mailings comparing the percentage of successful email deliveries to failure and related statistics.

Success and Failure Count
A chart that shows the historical performance of email delivery success and failures over time.

Success Tracking
A way to measure the progress of a mailing at different points of that mailing. Success tracking includes:Delivery Tracking - Who got my mailing?Opens Tracking - Who opened my mailing?Forwards Tracking - Who forwarded my mailing to another email address?Clickthrough Tracking - Who clicked on a link from my mailing?Referral Tracking - Who invited friends to join my list? How many friends actually joined?Action Tracking - Who went to my Web site? What were they interested in, and what did they purchase?

Suppression List
A list that suppresses, or excludes, a list of email addresses from receiving this particular mailing.

A sequence of questions used to, for example, collect information about consumer attitudes or behavior.

Survey Form Builder
An easy way to create a questionnaire with one or more, multiple choice or open ended response.

Synchronous Bounce
An email sent to an invalid address for example, will be terminated when the receiving server identifies the address as invalid, the connection is cut and the email is returned.

Synchronous Bounced email
Synchronous bounces are instantaneous as the failed delivery attempt is bounced back immediately. An email sent to an invalid address for example, will be terminated when the receiving server identifies the address as invalid, the connection is cut and the email is returned