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Mailing List Glossary

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Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group

Mail Loop
An endless occurrence of email going back and forth as a result of mail servers, scripts or email clients (for example) automatically responding to an email message which in turn was sent, triggers another automatic response from the receiving mail server, sending the response back to the other mail server etc.

Mail Merge
The ability to insert information from your database directly into your email message.

Mail Merge Tags
Tags allow you to insert information from your database directly into your email messages. You can use mail merge tags to personalize your messages for each user.

A binding of one or more IP addresses together to form a common sending unit. This sending unit has the ability to cooperatively send particular messages out in parallel.

Map Report
A graphic Illustration of sent email showing a breakdown of results according to state or province.

Marketing Calendar
see Lyris Marketing Calendar.

Match Phrase
A feature in ListManager™ that allows you to trigger various actions based on some text appearing in a message. For example you can look for a trigger phrase in the body of a message, in the headers, in the Subject, the From, etc., to refuse if a message of particular text either does or does not appear in a specific place in the message.

Member ID
The internal ListManager™ Member ID number.

Member Profile Form
An online page which allows a list member to see and edit the information ListManager™ is using for them: the email address, lists subscribed to, and any additional demographic information.vv

Membership Expiration
An option to limit the time a member belongs to a list; ListManager™ will automatically "expire" that member once their membership runs out.

Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions is a method to send content other than ASCII text via email. Allows multiple types of different data to send within one message (i.e. a picture and a Word document), and notifies the recipient's email client what format the data is in.

MIME Digest
The same as a digest, but in MIME format so that the individual messages' formatting is preserved. MIME digest is preferable if members are sending multipart messages, or messages with attachments.

A discussion list where the list administrator can either approve or reject a contributed message to the list.

An email program.

see HTML to Text.