Glossary Terms for Lyris ListManager™ users

Mailing List Services Glossary

Mailing List Glossary

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Landing Page
The website page your visitors arrive at after clicking on a link, i.e. a link in an email message to another page.

List Administrator
List administrators maintain mailing lists and implement list policy. Duties may include moderating messages for posting or for subscription requests.

List Fatigue
Overuse, such as over mailing to a list.

List Hygiene
The act of keeping a list clean of unresponsive email addresses.

ListManager's™ API
Interface that allows administrators to access and manipulate the database tables using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). ListManager's™ API can be invoked from any language with SOAP support.

Loop Detection
Lyris ListManager™ keeps track of how many messages From: one person has gone to each To: address, and sets a limit on the daily number. If the number of messages in one day exceeds the Loop Detection threshold, ListManager™ cuts off the mailings, issuing a single refusal message, and then discarding the rest of the messages in that 24 hour period. This feature is useful for automatically breaking mail loops that aren't able to be stopped through ListManager's™ other mechanism.

Lyris Marketing Calendar
Shows items that includes mailings and events for the marketing team, such as a tradeshow and upcoming events.