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Mailing List Glossary

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Image Library
The area to create, edit and delete folders, or upload a new image path.

Image Path
The location (path) of an image URL. A needed link between points to reach a particular object; in this case the Image URL.

Image Tab
The area to replace and resize images: used within the HTML message tab.

Type of search using a detailed listing of specific; such as an alphabetical listing of names, dates, sex, where an index references such searches.Lyris ListManagerâ„¢ for example will email digest recipients a single email message containing all the subject lines of all the messages contributed to the mailing list that day. If any of the messages interest the user, the bottom of the index gives the email command that will retrieve the bodies of the messages.

Insert Condition
Allows list owner to insert conditional (dynamic) content. A way to send recipients customized messages.

Invite (Referral forms)
Allows your list members to invite their friends to join your list. You may track how many friends were referred by list members, how many opened or clicked on a tracking link in the invitation, and how many ultimately joined the list.