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Mailing List Glossary

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False Positive
A True/False Condition allows you to specify the text sent to recipients if the condition is true, but it also allows you to specify the text sent if the condition is false. It also allows you to define the relationship between what is in the field and what you specify: is it less than or greater than the value you define? Does it contain certain letters and numbers?

Feedback Loops
A method used to report SPAM, which allows an ISP to send initial complaints from their users, to the email sender’s organization.

If specified, this text appends to the bottom of every message body received via email and optionally through the web interface. When you create a mailing list, at the bottom of every message, which tells the recipient what email address they are subscribed with, and how to unsubscribe.

see Web Forms

Forward Tracking
Statistical report indicating the number of people who forwarded received email to another email address.

Email recipients who forwarded your mailings.

The regularity of a task. In ListManger™ the frequency of said task may be rescheduled to occur at different intervals or at different times of the day, or to not occur at all.