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Mailing List Services Glossary

Mailing List Glossary

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There are currently 11 names in this directory beginning with the letter E.

Editable Regions
The area in a template that can be changed or edited. These areas can be specified to edit text, images or both.

Email Experience Council

Email Authentication
see Authentication

Email Campaign
A group of related mailings sent together as a campaign or promotion

Email Client
A program or application that manages email, normally on a personal computer, so that a user can read email, store, delete and send email.

Email Engagement
Anytime an email is touched it is engaged, this includes Clicks, Opens and the movement of an email out of the Spam Folder.

Email Marketing
Email sent from one person to many, with marketing features.

A way to interact with your subscribers, for example using a survey: a positive action taken on by the recipient.

Error Handling (email)
The detection, and resolution of the occurrence of an email error such as email bounces (transient and permanent failures) by the Lyris ListManagerâ„¢ system.

Email Service Provider

Electronic newsletter (e zine or e-zine)