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Mailing List Glossary

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Daily Message Limit
Defines the total number of messages that can be distributed to the mailing list in one day.

The process of getting email messages delivered to the inbox. Good deliverability depends on email confirmation, sender's reputation and good email practices among other things.ListManager™ dynamically adjusts its behavior to accommodate the sending characteristics signaled by the destination server; this maximizes deliverability and keeps sending speed as high as possible.

Deliverability Dashboard
A graphic representation in ListManager™ that allows the list owner to view five different graphs with information about deliverability and MailStreams.Sending BacklogTop Domain StatusComplaints by DomainMailStream BlockageMailStream Volume

Deliverability Rate
The number of emails sent out less the number of emails returned, bounced or not delivered in the recipient inbox.

Demographic Analysis
Display members according to demographic information you may have about them. Additional demographic fields may be added.You may import members from a text file, or with additional demographic information using a CSV (comma-separated values) file. Use to send test mailings, segments, etc.

Information (data) relating to the population and the groups within it, such as age, salary, address, sex and so forth. The associated database (SQL) stores demographic and behavioral information for the member email addresses.

Destination URL
The URL you would like recipients to be taken to when they click on the trackable image. For example, if you are advertising a product and would like to track who actually goes to the page displaying that product, make the destination URL your web site's URL for the product.

Each night, the user will receive a single email message containing all the messages contributed to the mailing list that day in plain text; all HTML and attachments will be stripped. At the top of the message will be a numbered list of the subjects in that digest, followed by the complete messages themselves. Digest recipients will not receive messages sent to segments. (see Index)

Discussion Group Management
Tools that will customize features of the discussion list such as:How the message looks: whether or not to prepend the list's name to the Subject line, or whether postings can be anonymousSpecify posting security: who can write to the list, and who can see the list of membersSpecify automatic reasons to reject messages

Discussion List
Groups of people, using email to “discuss” their interests among one another. Discussion lists can be considered online communities without boundaries. Unlike the traditional list, the discussion list facilitates two-way communication among its members. Members of discussion lists can read all posts to the list and can reply to the topic at hand.

Discussion List Forum
Forum interface allows those who are not ListManager™ administrators to interact with mailing lists, or forums, through the web interface instead of by email. Server administrators are able to see all lists and read all messages in the discussion forum interface. However, to post messages to a particular list the server administrator must join the list like any other member.

DomainKeys Identified Mail. An enhanced version of DomainKeys.

Direct Marketing Association

Domain Key
An email authentication system created by Yahoo. It gives email providers a mechanism for verifying both the domain of each email sender and the integrity of the messages sent (i.e., that they were not altered during transit). Since the actual domain can be verified, it can be compared to the domain claimed in the From: field of the message. If the sender is legitimate, a profile can be established for that domain that can be tied into anti-spam policies. If the email is a counterfeit, it can be dropped, flagged or quarantined.