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Lyris ListManager™ includes an interactive calendar with an “at-a-glance” window to view essential information, such as mailing progress reports and events. In addition, you can easily edit events and unsent mailings through the calendar interface.

see Email Campaign

Can Spam Act
“A law that sets the rules for commercial email, establishes requirements for commercial messages, gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them, and spells out tough penalties for violations.”

Chart Builder
ListManager™ offers extensive reporting options for mailings and membership. There are eight categories of pre-built reports: Mailings, Members, Server Performance, Web Site, Custom Charts, Purchases, Interest and Sales Cycle Map. ListManager™ includes a wide variety of charts. If there is a particular chart that you'd like to see that is not included as a default, you may create it as A Line Chart, 3D Chart, Bar or Pie Chart or a variation of these.To analyze the performance of your mailings there are several metrics to create a custom chart such as a Line Chart, 3D Chart, Bar or Pie Chart or a variation of these. Metrics include:Opens as compared to purchases over time.Clickstream - Recipients who visited particular pages on your Web site.Clickthrough - Mailing recipients who clicked on links in your mailings.Forwards - Mailing recipients who forwarded your mailings.Interest - Interest levels of recipients who visited particular pages on your Web site.Mailings - Delivery success, failure and related statistics.Members - Membership data; what kinds of members are on your list(s).Misc. - SQL query charts; only server admins can add metric here, anyone can run it.Opens - Recipients who opened a particular mailing.

Tracking that allows you to detect what other pages your list members visited after clicking on a link.

Mailing recipients who clicked on links in your mailings.

Clickthrough Heatmap
Report that shows the percentage or number of unique clicks on each link. This means that if a recipient clicked the same link several times, ListManager™ counts only one click. Alternatively you can see a percentage or number of all clicks instead of unique clicks.

see Copy

A report of unwanted or junk mail. This occurs when one or more list subscriber, upon receiving an email, report that email as unsolicited aka SPAM. (For example: complain to their ISP.) ListManager™ handles spam complaints automatically. If you have signed up for various ISPs' feedback loops, Lyris ListManager™ automatically processes the spam-compliant data you receive from the ISPs and promptly removes these subscribers from your lists. You may view a report that shows which members and which mailings are generating spam complaints.

Conditional Content
Used to create unique, one-to-one emails tailored to the exact needs and interests of your recipients, without having to write (or send) more than one message. An example, suppose you know that Mary has a dog, but Tim does not. You can tell ListManager™ to add a special paragraph-promoting dog treats into all messages going to customers who have dogs. Mary would get this special paragraph in her email, while Tim would not.

Confirmed Opted in:
When a list member has verified (confirmed) permission for their email address to be included on a specific mailing list, by responding or confirming the list subscription request verification.

The message you want to send in the mailing. When you create a new mailing, you can type the message directly into the mailing, or create the content separately then insert into the mailing.

Content Blocks
Responses that indicate that the message is ejected for issues detected by a content filter. The filter may conclude that your message contains spam-like content, non-RFC compliant content, blacklisted URLs in the content, etc.

Conversion Pipeline
A graphic representation of the number of messages sent vs. how many were actually received by the recipients.

Conversion Rate
A measure of the number of people who took a desired action, where the desired action is a goal, such as buying a product, visiting a webpage, filling out a form, downloading a white paper and so on. For example a simple conversion rate for online sales can be found by: Total number of sales/number of website visitors.

Conversion Tracking
An action that a visitor takes on a web page, such as clicking on an ad link which leads to a purchase, another link, form or other. (see Tracking)

As a site admin Lyris ListManager™ allows you to copy an existing list to create a new one with the same attributes.

The cost per thousand messages (CPM) that exceeds the Included Messages.

Cost Per Thousand, normally in reference to website impressions

Cross Posting
A duplicate posting occurs when one person attempts to post a seemingly identical message to the same mailing list or segment more than once in one day. ListManager™ looks at the entire message body to determine if a posting appears to be a duplicate. By default, ListManager™ rejects duplicate postings to all lists and segments via email. This setting can be changed to allow cross posting.

Custom Demographics
see Demographics