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A/B Split Testing
A testing method: the ability to send different versions of a message to random subsets of your mailing list, and then compare the results to see which version is most effective. This type of testing eliminates any demographic or action-based bias that could alter your results.

The number (can be expressed in percent) of people that leave a website after going to the first page.

Action Tracking
Allows you to track a recipient's movement through your web site, after a clickthrough. Action tracking can then track which pages a mailing recipient visits, how much interest they show in a particular area, and what they purchase.

see List Administrator and Site Administrator

A forwarding email that can be used as an alternate address for sending Lyris ListManager™ commands. For example, you may want people to be able to send mail to "listservices@…" and have it delivered to ListManager™ as "listmanager@".

see Web Analytics

Email sent from one person to many.

Anonymous Mailing Lists:
The process of removing all identifying marks from the headers of the messages distributed to the mailing list. In the case of anonymous mailing lists, the "From" defaults to "Anonymous" and can be set to something else if desired.

ListManager™ supports anonymous postings to mailing lists by removing all identifying marks from the headers of the messages distributed to the mailing list. Some types of mailing lists benefit from allowing people to be anonymous when they post.


Approval Summary
A display of all the lists that have messages pending approval.

Archive Search
All archives can be indexed for fast searching or the searching option can be set to disallow.

Archive Settings
List options that control archive access. Settings include "Members Only" can read archives, or both "Members and Non-Members" (visitors) may access the list archives. Other settings include "no archives", "store archives" for a certain number of days or "never store archives".

The ability to store or save messages on a server of each users email conversation, such as on a discussion list.

An Application Service Provider, who may run on premise licensed installations of software for remote access by a customer base.

Associate Segments
see Segments

Asynchronous Bounced Email
A bounce that returns sometime after the message was sent. This occurs when the receiving server attempts to process an invalid email; it acknowledges the message and continues to attempt to deliver it until the delivery fails.

Asynchronous Discussion
A discussion where not all the members have to attend at the same time, to take part in the discussion

One or more files sent along with an email. Used as an easy way to share documents and/or images.

The process by which an ISP (the mail server recipient who delivers incoming mail to their customers inboxes: i.e. Hotmail) can verify the supposed identity of the sender. To confirm that an email message has actually been sent by the domain name in the “From” field of that email. Email, by nature is insecure and can be easily “spoofed” therefore; an email address is an unreliable way to authenticate a user. To verify users, systems such as DomainKeys have been created as a mechanism for verifying both the domain of each email sender and the integrity of the messages sent (see DomainKeys and SPF).

Email that automatically answers when an email is sent to it by emailing back an email text or documents of your choice to an email address you designate. Typically used for automated replies, price sheets, white papers, etc.