Generate More Cash With Your Email Campaigns This Holiday Season

It’s almost here, the make or break holiday season for several retail businesses.  With every new season an email marketer must be more creative, more engaging and offer more value to their email readers.  And, do it all better than the competition!   This is especially true in the pandemic era of 2020, when online sales are crucial for most businesses to stay solvent, as they know email marketing is the key to get customers in the “proverbial door”.

The key for this season is a well-planned out email campaign with perfect execution designed to grab the attention of your list subscribers in the midst of a national virus conundrum.

woman online shoppingHoliday’s in 2020 to some degree will suffer from the COVID-19 pandemic.  It’s uncertain what the impact will be.  However, it is safe to say more people will be staying home to work, play and shop, therefore any email marketing messages you send may be opened on a PC rather than a cell phone.  So, plan for all contingencies.

Online stats indicate that ecommerce will rise considerably this holiday season.   One reason: many retail operations have survived the shutdowns and lockouts and find themselves in a good selling position, because they survived. 

Keep the survival going with email marketing.

happy holidaysThe best way to approach a holiday campaign:

  • Keep the tone of the season, happy and fun.  Plan content that is supported with great imagery.  Consider the message; Are you sending a Holiday Greeting, with a discount, or planning a drip campaign that will allow you to distribute relevant information to your targeted list members, at specific times, which can translate into more sales. 
  • Personalize your emails and send with dynamic content: use demographics, preferences, or buying habits.   Dundee customers can send HTML content on their website, forms and landing pages.  Emails can be customized based on their subscribers’ profile. You can easily use custom script to insert complex, dynamic content into your messages.
  • Do not forget to test the email messages to get the best results.  Testing email with Dundee is limitless, try different layouts, fonts, images, subjects or any number of combinations.

black friday saleWith the unique holiday atmosphere of 2020, marketers of all sorts will no doubt have to face challenges.  The digital marketer has many advantages.  With a history of buying preferences, an email holiday campaign can be personalized, targeted and because its so cost effective, start early.   Expect more online ordering and with lockdowns, more time to order.  Email marketing is a great way to connect with your customer base.   

Remind them that shopping online is relatively stress free.  Add a link to your online store, and if you don’t have an online store contact for assistance.