Expect RESULTS from Your Email Campaigns, really?

Email has many benefits; it’s fast, inexpensive, targeted and measurable. You can test it with numerous variables to see what combinations work best and change up a campaign as needed. Email marketing puts you in control of the returns you receive, with the ability to get the RESULTS you want.

7 Steps to get RESULTS from Your Email Campaigns

Refine your Goals – are you looking for more customers, more traffic more leads?

Enthusiastically create your email campaignsdo not forget to include a call to action (ask for the sale, email address or visit) and a related landing page for your offer.

Select and Target your audience with segments and personalized messages tailored to their preferences.

Use A/B Split Testingtry different variables, a secondary landing page, change colors, and insert different graphics.  Make sure to randomize your test group.

Listen to your subscribers – send your message at the time your recipients want themKnow the composition of your list: business email addresses versus generic email addresses, State based or overseas recipients: timing may be everything.

Track and Measure your results – from beginning to end: opens to purchase.

Simply put, improve on your next campaign – compare statistics from previous mailings, look for weakness; review your call to action, time of day, content.

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