Email Submitted Content

When an email is sent to your Lyris ListManager™ and you would like it to have a certain look with headings and footers you can edit it under “Utilities -List Settings- Email Submitted Content”

The text will be appended to the email message body when the message is sent to the list via email only. These settings are not in effect when sending through the Lyris ListManager™ administration web interface.

email submitted content button


Under the “Message Wrapping” tab you can put a Text Header Message, a Footer Message and a HTML Message header”.

message submitted content screen message wrapping tab


Under the “Security” tab you can set different security feature if you require them. For
the average email mailing most of the time this will be set to “no”.

security tab


Under the “Approval” tab you can set if you would like the list emails to be moderated or not. You can also set when you would like the emails to be released for sending.


approval tab

Under the “Email Header” you can change the date to send, add list help headers and
add a SMTP header.

email header tab

Under the “Header Rewrites” you can change “From, Reply To and To” email addresses.

header rewrites tab

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