Email Marketers, You Need to Read This

Email Marketing Best Practices

Before you send your first Email; Start, by Thinking of your marketing strategy.

email marketing: hands holding envelope with shopping cart, target, loudspeaker & symbols coming out

  1. Profile foremail marketing handsms are an excellent way to identify with your audience. A profile form allows your subscriber to update their email preferences. So when you mail, the right message will reach the right target audience.
  2. Resist sending too much email, pay attention to who signed up for what information. If offered on your profile form, how many times they want to hear from you.
  3. Ask yourself what are your email goals. Are you soliciting more website clicks, promoting a new product, distributing information that you expect will be shared, thereby growing your list? Is this a re-engagement campaign or are you just inviting someone to fill out their Profile Form? Whatever your goal is make sure you plan to deliver the right message at the right time.
  4. Communication doesn’t stop with email, follow up with Social Networks that complement your message.
  5. Triggered Segments will send messages to the right email recipient at the right time. With Dundee, easily create segments that contain one or more trigger clauses: A phrase in an email that may specify a given date or event.
  6. Invite your list members to invite their friends to join your list. With Dundee List Services you can track how many friends were referred by list members, how many of those referrals open or click on a link: an easy way to grow your list.
  7. Conditional content can set up unique one-to-one emails tailored to the exact needs and interests of your recipients, without having to write (or send) more than one message.
  8. Error Handling of your email is definitely part of your email strategy. The detection and automatic resolution of the occurrence of an email error such as a message bounces are important, just as important as tracking and ROI.
  9. Split Testing Aka A/B testing gives you the ability to send different versions of a message to radon subsets of your mailing list, and then compare the results to see which version is most effective.


As a final note, Dundee List Services offers the BEST PRACTICES for your email marketing strategy. To get the right message to the right person at the right time, use all the email tools your ESP provider offers.  Consider Dundee, fully automated and ready to serve, give us a call for a full free, no obligation, month of service.  (call 888-222-8485 for details or email