Interesting Email Marketing Facts that even the Black Panther® may not know.

People are motivated to Read an Email with a Subject Line that is trendy, has a song lyric or a Movie Title.  Didn’t you just read this because of the title of this Blog?


Research on the web, shows that email marketing will produce:cat

  • Conversion Rates 3 times higher than marketing to prospects and customers using Social Media.
  • Consumers that like to receive relevant email messages.
  • 300 times more revenue with a Welcome Letter rather than a bulk email.
  • Committed customers and positive business growth.
  • Brand recognition for most people when a company logo is consistently used.
And that most people:
  • Do not download the images you spent hours selecting.
  • Will click on a red link before a blue link.
  • Respond to over-mailing, by unsubscribing.
  • Like to receive marketing emails less than three times a month.
  • May think you’re a spammer if the recipient doesn’t like or recognize your FROM address.
  • Open more pet and animals services email marketing messages than any other.
And Email Marketing messages: 
  • Are 5 times more likely to be seen that a message on a social media channel.
  • Have a higher open and click rate, about 6 times more when the email marketer uses Transactional emails.
  • Are read on mobile phones more and more.
And Mobile Users:
  • Usually, do not open/read messages with big images.
  • Email Messages opened on a mobile device may cut off characters or the text will wrap around to the next line.
  • Respond better to short personalized Subject lines, less than 50 characters.
  • Use their mobile devices more often to reopen a marketing email a second time.
  • People respond better to multiple topics in a single subject line.

And SPAM filters, a topic in itself are very anal.  If your recipient, for example, filters out the word CIALIS they will end up filtering out the word specialist –  and SPAM filters are bad news for Nonprofits who lose about $15,000 a year in donations.

Inactive subscribers may be lurkers.  Researched by another ESP, their published findings indicate, over 30% of inactive list members, are in fact, not inactive.  This class or subscribers may only be reading the Subject Line of your message.   When the Subject is something they are interested in, they go directly to your website or Facebook page: in the meantime, your email stats do not record an open.

Additionally, these inactive subscribers purchased more and are less likely to leave your list.   So is everything you know about inactive subscribers wrong?  A great blog subject for next month.