Email Automation, easier than boiling water.

You own a small newspaper for a mid-sized town in Michigan.  It’s Spring.  There is an overabundance of melted snow which drains all the chemicals from the farmlands into the local ground water.  Consequentially the local government ordered a “boil order” which means, to use the water for consumption, it should be boiled.

A printed story would be too late. 
The local government placed a “boil order” on Facebook, but not everyone looks at Facebook and if they do, may not see it in their newsfeed.

The local paper has an announcement list, which more than half the town and residents have subscribed to.  The local newsletter was able to send out a “boil order” email immediately following the announcement – and they were sent out a message to alert the subscribers when the water was safe: way faster than finding the announcement on Social Media. 

The above is an example of sending the right message at the right time.  Of course this isn’t an example of automation, but it does illustrate the power of email.

The power of email lies in its relevancy – and sending the right message to the right subscriber at the right time.

Email marketing is all about sending relevant messages to the right person at the right time, all doable with email automation.

Email automation is a tool Dundee has offered for years, recently our competitors just caught up, but not with the experience we offer.  Our email automation includes

A series of triggered mailings sent out in sequence, at predetermined time intervals, to each member who qualifies such as a Welcome Letter series

Abandoned Cart Notifications:

shopping cart abondonment on tabletAn email or a series of emails send to website shoppers after they add an item to your shopping cart but leave without making a purchase

Sequential Mailing Wizard:

A tool that allows someone to quickly create an entire sequence of mailings.

Sequential Mailings:

clock clipartA series of triggered mailings sent out in sequence, at predetermined time intervals, to each member who qualifies.

Transactional Emails:

Emails sent in reaction to a transaction, such as a purchase. For example, after a web site visitor makes a purchase they automatically receive a confirmation email with their order information.

Triggered Clauses:

A phrase in an email that may specify a given date or event, that when occurs, will cause a mailing to be automatically sent.

Triggered Events:

When creating a triggered segment: the occurrence of an event that triggers the mailing to be run. You can create an event that occurs once or a recurring.

Triggered Mailings:

A mailing to be sent when a particular trigger event occurs; can be associated with a particular segment or with a particular automated message.  A website purchase, for example, generates an invoice, once paid online, a thank you email is triggered and a week later a follow-up email is sent to the buyer.

Triggered Segments:

A segment that contains one or more trigger computer screen These clauses identify a specific event or date that happens when the mailing is to be sent.

Basically, automation is the process of sending an email centered around an action, the simplest example is subscribing to an email list. The automation happens when the new member receives an immediate “Thank You” for joining our list email.  This type of automation is known as an autoresponder.

Automation can also get involved. Going back to the small newspaper in Michigan.  After the “boil order” is in place and the emails are sent, if the recipient clicked on a link that was included with the announcement, they are brought to a webpage that sells water purifiers.  When they purchase a purifier, they automatically receive an emailed thank you.  This is followed up a month later with a reminder email to purchase filters for their purifier. 

If they don’t purchase a purifier, when the boil order is rescinded the subscriber automatically receives another offer to buy a purifier with a reminder of  how often this happens in their area,  If they visit the website by clicking the included link and do not purchase a purifier,  the next day they receive an email with a 15% coupon good for 72 hours.

As you can see automation happens with triggers or actions, they are as complex or as simple as you need them to be.

Start sending your campaigns with automation.  Easy and fun to do with Dundee.