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LifeCycling to Your Email Goals

LifeCycling to Your Email Goals Everything has a lifecycle including email. Our lifecycle, like everything else has a beginning, middle and an end with a lot of stuff going on in-between.    Comparatively speaking an email list subscriber’s lifecycle is not much different, each subscriber or email address has a distinct beginning (when someone subscribes to your list), a middle (accepting your email messages) and an end (severing  their membership by leaving your list or junking your email).  However, unlike our lifecycle, you can harness the lifecycle of email using simple strategies to deliver the right message at the right time.

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The Perfect Engagement: Facebook and Email Marketing

The Perfect Engagement: Facebook and Email Marketing Social media offers the email marketer a way to leverage different communication channels. With email marketing and social media options, subscribers can customize their preferences to receive your company’s information using the format they choose: i.e. a combination of Twitter Alerts with your monthly newsletter. Email marketing with social media will increase interest in your product and /or services because your customers can select the information venue they want and use the most. Additionally social media sites like Facebook (FB) have become an excellent source for organizations to grow their opted-in email list.

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Will Email Coupons Discount my Email Marketing Campaigns?

Will Email Coupons Discount my Email Marketing Campaigns? Why you should sell your products and services using emailed coupons? Email coupons are wonderful; you can track their distribution right to the individual email recipient, shopper or consumer,  follow that shopper to your website,  and “see” the coupon being used, as detailed in your daily reports.  You can tell if your recipient passed the coupon savings along to their friends via email,  and of course,  the great deal you emailed to your subscribers will appear on some social network, which will prompt more website traffic for you. Remember,  everyone likes a

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