Easy Proven Strategies for BIG Fundraising Projects

A Capital Campaign is a targeted fundraising effort designed to raise funds for a specific project. They’re often used to support building projects or construction jobs; the type of effort that requires multiple years and millions of dollars to complete.

Do you have a specific project that your non-profit organization would like to complete; when you’re adding an addition to your Church building or need a new roof on all the out-buildings, regardless of the scope of work, such projects require time and money: A Capital Campaign maybe the way to go.

Capital Campaigns have been on the rise these past several years, as more non-profits incorporate them into their fundraising strategies.   These Campaigns can
  1. Kick-start an organization’s new enterprise
  2. Expand the funding for existing projects
  3. Assist with the acquisition of land for expansion
  4. Help with large-scale equipment purchases and/or needed supplies

Capital Campaigns can be a very effective form of fundraising for massive projects if they are planned with capacity, vision and donor potential.  The goals should include a way to:

  • Increase the donor commitment to your organization
  • Create new donor relationships
  • Increase the overall sentiment for higher investment
  • Guaranty continued to support launch your Capital Campaign with email marketing program with Dundee Internet Services.

Share your vision with your current donors and encourage them to share it with a friend: easily done with Dundee’s Email Marketing refer a friend link.   Let email marketing play a part in the excitement of expanding or buying a new building for those after-school programs.  Use cost effect email marketing to keep your audience well informed of your project with weekly or monthly emails.

Chat with your core group of donor’s investors and prospects using Dundee Internets Discussion List Service. Clear up questions about costs, dates, and projections in a secure email environment: and you can archive your conversations into searchable messages for reference too!

domainWork your goal because Capital Campaigns involve hours of work and need the support and involvement from everyone in your organization. Send a timely email Newsletter hosted by Dundee Internet that keeps everyone up to date with the events of the CEO and Board and their efforts and engagement in this project. The support of the management team will energize a Capital Campaign for everyone. As the Capital Campaign advances, budget, staff, and committees will change, a Newsletter is an ideal vehicle to keep everyone in the loop.

Analyze your Donor Potential to ensure you have the donor base to raise the money you need to be successful. There are online tools to help you with this endeavor including Email.  Identify and solidify your goals, use email marketing to:

  1. Include those prospective donors that you know you need in every communication. With discussion lists, you can solicit their input and support their ideas
  2. Use prior knowledge of the giving trends of your donors. Use personalized timely, relevant content to contact them at the right time
  3. Setup an email board review list to engage your Board of Director and major donors, their commitments will inspire others to join

Email marketing with Dundee Internet can assist any campaign; with an informative email announcement, reach your base with timely information.  Email can set the expectations of the audience as you draw closer to your Goals.