Easy B2B Email Marketing Strategy

Websites with email marketing go together like tea with honey, pen and paper, and love and marriage.  Each pair complements one another, with the individual parts forming the perfect balance for a successful partnership.

  • Improves communication
  • Cultivates Leads
  • Is a Powerful SEO Tool
  • Promotes higher ROI
  • Maintains Customer Engagement


scrabble lettersThe foundation of your B2B marketing relationship starts with communication.  Email marketing allows you to engage with each customer on a personal level, appeal to their likes, needs, and wants, all based on their individual preferences and lifestyle data – including their demographics collected from.

  • Profile pages
  • Repeat purchases
  • Reaction to your special sales
  • Interest in your former email campaigns
  • Searches on your website
  • Comments left
  • Buying habits
  • Housing choices
  • Social Media posts
  • Zip code and other statistics gleaned from various online resources

Your goal could be as easy as:

  • Increasing your Website To use this information in the best way possible always have a goal when you communicate with your email recipients
  • Traffic
  • Growing your email list with referrals
  • Improving your Sales
  • Maintaining subscriber Engagement

Or as complicated as you like with more than one goal in mind.  But the best value for your email list is the underlying SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that can be included within your email message.  Strategically placed keywords within your content, used as part of your email campaign message will greatly increase your SEO.


thought processLeads can come from anywhere; a form filled out on your website, internet search, a referral, or everything in between.  It is your job as a marketer to take that lead and develop it into a customer to close more sales.  

To move your lead to the customer stage you need only use the tools in your email program.  These tools are available with most ESPs, like MailChimp®, Active Campaign and Dundee’s mailinglistservices.com a program on the Lyris Listmanager platform. 

Email tools are the basis for email management and automation. These tools in the case of Dundee’s mailinglistservices.com include features such as:

  • Automatically send targeted personalized email at the right time based on their preferences or an action they may take
  • Clickthrough Tracking
  • Countdown Timer
  • Customer interest analysis
  • Demographic analysis
  • Drip Campaigns 
  • Forward Tracking
  • Real-time email tracking
  • Segments and a segment wizard
  • Sequential, triggered, and transactional email
  • Welcome Letter Series  

Creating relevant messages whether based on user behavior or a friend’s referral will the reader build integrity and trust with your company.  


seoSEO and email marketing go hand in hand.  They are connected by the quality of your content.   The subject of your email messages should contain target keywords and phrases that link directly back to your website landing page. While your email campaign is relevant and personalized it is a good idea to write with the search engines in mind.

Search engines are crawling your website to index pages.  To gain higher visibility and ranking, in your messages, reference a posted blog, social media mention, or a whitepaper on your website. 

Use this mention to increase your search engine ranking, ultimately increase web traffic and customer loyalty support.


roiThe competition is fierce, as almost every business, big and small utilizes email marketing.  But the good news, they are not all in your industry or offer the same services, products or goods.   Here are a few simple steps to improve your B2B content to stand out from those that are the competition.

  • Define your email marketing goals and how they fit into the overall company
  • Know your audience and keep them engaged with personation and email automation
  • Create outstanding content and refer back to your website with links and keywords
  • Promote your social media pages
  • When it warrants it consider trying UGC (more about this coming up soon)
  • Don’t write a book, keep your content simple and short, easy to read
  • Keep the preview text in mind
  • Be consistent with your email schedule
  • Test Before you commit


Email marketing with a website partnership is one of the best ways to build your B2B business.  When you used personalization (as stated many times) and relevant content you will find it’s effective and engages your recipient to want more, i.e. visit your website.  Although the B2B audience tends to have a longer sales cycle email marketing, when used correctly can guide them all the way to a purchase.

Your communication should

  • Begin your relationship with a Welcome Letter
  • Contain content using useful relevant information, with keyword and phrases connected to your website for SEO points
  • Use automated tools, such as setting up reorder reminders to a timely Birthday greeting
  • Have a CTA (Call to Action)
  • Track shopping cart abandoned and automatically follow up with a timely email to help finalize the sale

The End Game

game overB2B email marketing is powerful, cost-effective and easy way to build your business.  The marriage of your website and email marketing keeps things cohesive.  Good content with selected keywords and phrases helps your SEO which will attract website visitors.

In turn, your website attracts email subscribers, who receive targeted emails, keeping them engaged with your services or products driving them back to your website for purchase.

The best B2B email marketing strategy is one than successfully engages customers with you.  I hope this brief post assists with that.