Email Marketing Essentials for Better Response Rates 2013

Efficacious Email marketing campaigns are in part luck, art and science, and an understanding your subscriber base for better response rates…

…which is the most trash cansignificant part of any marketing campaign. Better response rates happen when your subscribers to react to your email, (other than hitting the trash or delete key). You want them to take an action such as visit a link, buy a product, take a survey, share with social media or forward the email to a friend. To figure out how to make subscribers perform any of those actions often requires a personalized approach from the marketer so here are essential things to keep in mind when composing engaging e-mail marketing campaigns.

Use the news. Make mention to what’s going on in the news that week, or that day in your subject line.  You may have to be creative and definitely tie it into your content and you will find this will pay off in the end with better response rates.

Whet the appetite with content snippets.  Give away partial content where you normally would require a click-through or a fill in the blank to receive the information in the form of a small how-to or other timely information about your product or service.  Lead them to a landing page with additional information.  Free is equated with the internet, free content is expected more times than not.

Keep a consistent look and style; send the right email format for the browser your recipient uses. Dundee Internet powered by Lyris ListManager(TM) offers multipart-alternative. ListManager(TM) will create the correct headers and boundaries automatically so recipients who can see HTML will only see your HTML message; those who cannot see the text.

Offers incentives and rewards.  Subscribers like rewards, offer a coupon or promotion code to redeem on your website.   Change your offers often; they will open your email to see the new offer.