Does This Email Campaign Make Me Look Fat?

There are many things to consider when someone writes copy for an email campaign.

This can include but not limited to:

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  1. the Audience (grammar used and reading level)
  2. Subject Line,
  3. the introduction paragraph,
  4. html or plain text or both,
  5. to the use of images,
  6. links or video inclusion.

All these different elements add to the length of your email.

However, the length of an email should be reflective of the subject at hand.  For example, Mary, a subscriber to the Hand Lotion Newsletter, only expects and wants information on hand lotion.  She is interested in the content of the email when the Subject is: ‘Brands That Are Proven to Relieve Dry Skin”. However she couldn’t care less about the subject “Free Moisturizes to Try.”

Likewise, Ken also a subscriber, doesn’t really relate to the Hand Lotion Newsletter when the title is “Rose Scented Lotion”. However he is interested in the subject “Save on Fragrance Free Natural Relief Lotion.”

Both Mary and Ken are interested in content, Mary wants to learn how a product could help her, Ken wants to save money.

Because each of these emails are different, the length should be too. Although secondary, as long as the email content is well-defined, brief, and compelling.

Here are a few tips for maintaining proper email manners and keep your email campaigns from looking fat.

    1. To Say or Not to Say that is the Subject. Keep the Subject Line under 50 characters. Most mail clients only show that many characters in the inbox.
    2. What is your point? Write a personalized, focused messaged.  Do not add unnecessary verbiage by adding an introduction paragraph with links and images.  This adds length to the email message and time to get to your message across. If the reader actually takes the time to read it.
    3. Who Are you? What industry you’re in will play a large part on what length of email you’ll be sending.   Non-profits may prefer more donor stories with links than images. Conversely, subscribers to a big box retail email list may prefer several clickable images with minimal wording.  For best results, test your emails.
    4. It’s Individuality that counts. Mary, as stated wants information. She expects a longer email than Ken who is skimming down your message to see if there’s a coupon.  As the content creator of the email, length is relative to the Subject and the person reading your message.

Offering a preference page to capture unique interests, demographics, and their ideal frequency, may help you categorize your list members. This information maybe, just maybe help you come up with the right length of words to send.

With a reputable mailing list, businesses of all sizes can grow.  Stick to a sending schedule, segment your list, personalize, timely, relevant messages based on your recipient’s preferences.  Keep your messages focused, your sentences simple, not too wordy and test, test, test. In the end the results can vary.  Remember a fat, information laden email may be warranted and expected in certain circumstances and deleted in some others.