Do you see what I see? Tips for Nonprofits to Increase Email Marketing Success.

Nonprofit organizations depend on supporters and volunteers to be successful.  Most of us have the desire to help in some way, but volunteering takes time; a more valuable commodity than money.  Since time is valuable to consider this –email marketing, is the best, quickest and most direct way to reach those potential supporters and volunteers without taking up too much of their time – but how do you connect to them?

Visual Aids!  Don’t just tell people what’s so great about your organization show them.

There a plethora of common visual aids available on the Internet, they can be added to your nonprofits’ mailings to emphasize your message and capture your reader’s attention.

Common Visual Aids for email include:

dog with kissesUsing Images

The adage “A picture’s worth a thousand words” still rings true in today’s high tech world.  Images not only catch the reader’s attention, they also humanize your organizations’ mission statement.

Keep in mind you can use your image in conjunction with a catchy Subject Line or a call to action to increase its impact.

Using Videos

What better way to introduce people to your nonprofit then showing them what it is you do? Videos are an excellent addition, they make your reader feel included in your organization before you even meet. Unlike images that can be interpreted in many ways, the use of video can inform the watcher of the current needs and goals specific to your latest project.

The types of videos you can add are endless, from current projects to a specific need.  Want to adopt out that adorable pup, showcase him in your latest email and add a video of his daily life.

Using GIFs

GIFs are relatively new to the scene, but they’re taking off rapidly:  what is it exactly? GIFs are animated images that repeat on a loop, every few seconds.  Be cautious using GIFs as they are subject to copyright laws.

Why not make your own organization-specific GIF. There are free tools you can use to make a GIF with the most common being GIPHY. Your only limitations are your own creativity.  Be funny, serious, or cheesy, whatever fits your nonprofits personality.


Images (both static images and the more popular animated gif), as well as videos, capture your reader’s attention. No matter which media you intend to add to your mailings the goal is the same, to invoke an emotional response in the reader to either donate their money or better yet their time to your organization.  Demo our services today!