Do you need a mailing list? Well do you?

Well do you?  You’re probably on a mailing list in one form or another, do you receive updates from your local Movie Theater, coupons in email, information about the lasts sale at the local computer store?  Then you’re on a mailing list.

The mailing list itself is simply a list of email addresses that you have accumulated with permission: allowing you to send the same information to everyone with a single email.  Now mailings list management can get complicate, when you add segments, triggered, transactional and sequential messaging and we offer tools to use these.

There are three recognized types of email mailing lists:email list

  • Announcement lists
  • Newsletters
  • Discussion lists.

And why would you use any of these?  Well to

  • Remind people of who you are and what you do
  • Upsell your merchandise after a customer purchases an item from your online store.
  • Get information out about an upcoming sale.
  • Tell your employees about the big changes coming soon
  • Share information about new medical procedures or trials.
  • Your Family needs/wants to share documents and photos that you just don’t want seen on Facebook
  • Discuss the major events, you plan without having to work around everyone’s schedule for a meeting
  • Your Alumni group is too big for your regular email account.
  • Your Technical group needs to discuss information and a place where they can go back to check previous conversations archives.
  • To coordinate with other leaders in different states where meeting in person is not an option.

Many people need to send out information, what’s the best way to do this… with a list. Regardless of who you are or what type of business you may have sending out reliable information on a timely manner is the best way to communicate to friends, family or customers.

Having customer opt into your mailing list so you can send them updates about sales or upsell them that purse to match the shoes they just bought is just a couple ways to use a list for retail purposes. Working on a big project that needs coordination across multi states to bring engineers input along with contractor’s designs and blueprints together in one place where you can go back and search previous conversations and documents is just another reason to have a list.

There are endless reasons to have a list and the creativity of how you send it is up to you, start sending today!